2015 Capital Building Plan

The BOFC are planning to implement a capital building plan for the replacement of the current burn building at the department's training academy and the construction of a support building for the department's motor maintenance shop.

Burn Building Training Proposal
In 1973, the Fire Department constructed a six (6) story Fire Training Tower at the Training Academy located at 1100 Marlkress Road. This building allowed the Department to train firefighters in aerial ladder operations, ground ladder operations, high rise operations, and technical (rope) rescue operations. In 1974, the department added a 15 by 25 one (1) story burn building and in 1989 the Department added a 45 by 45 two (2) story burn building for structural firefighter training. All three (3) of these buildings were constructed of steel and masonry. At the time, this was the common building method for firefighting training prop buildings. Over the years, the elements of the weather and the wear and tear of using the buildings have brought their useful life to an end.

In 1994, the Cherry Hill Fire Department was designated as an Eligible Organization and Training Site by the State of New Jersey - Division of Fire Safety to deliver classroom and live firefighting training programs. The ability to maintain these training props located at our Training Academy in Cherry Hill is of paramount importance. It affords us the ability to maintain continuity of our operations and readiness, as it allows our firefighters and EMTs to train while on-duty and be available to respond to emergencies within the Township. In addition, these training props are a key component in the Insurance Service Office (ISO) grading schedule for the department's ability to train its firefighters.

The new training building props will be a five (5) story tower and an attached three (3)story residential/commercial building constructed using the latest building components for this purpose: "Corr-Span Steel Building Systems" and "Padgenite Burn Panels". Both of these building materials are highly durable and of low maintenance. The longevity of these structures will be 30 plus years. NFPA 1402 - Building Fire Service Training Centers will be utilized as a reference for the project.

In addition to the Cherry Hill Fire Department, the Training Academy is also available for use by the Cherry Hill Police and the contingent fire departments within the surrounding communities of Cherry Hill.

The funding for this project will be the combination of reserve funding and lease purchase over a ten (10) year period.

Motor Maintenance Shop Support Building
In 1998, the Fire Department constructed a motor maintenance shop which is located at 1501 Burnt Mill Road. Prior to this, this work was performed in an engine bay in a firehouse. In 2008, the department had planned to construct a support building to the rear of the existing motor maintenance building; however, that project was deferred to the future. The department has repaired and maintained all its motorized fire apparatus since 1994. Light duty vehicles and ambulances are sent to outside vendors for warranty work and minor preventative maintenance work. During 2014, the department has determined that it would be more cost-effective to keep the majority of this work in-house, with the work being performed by its certified Emergency Vehicle Technician fire department mechanics. In addition, the Cherry Hill Fire Department has received inquiries from surrounding local governments to perform repair and maintenance work to their fire apparatus. Shared service agreements for this work will create a revenue source for the Fire District. For these reasons, the department has determined there is a need to proceed with the construction of the motor maintenance support building.

This building will be a 50 by 80 one (1) story steel structure with masonry walls. It will provide the additional work space needed to manage the repairs and maintenance of the entire motorized fleet of the Cherry Hill Fire Department, in addition to any shared services agreement repair and maintenance work with surrounding local governments.

The funding for this project will be from reserve funding. The total cost for both of these projects is not to exceed $2.8 million.