2013 Captial Fleet Plan

The BOFC is implementing the 2nd phase of their Capital Fleet Replacement Plan for apparatus and vehicles. The 1st phase was completed in 2008 with the replacement of 3 engines and 1 ladder truck.

This 2nd phase will replace 1 engine and 1 ladder and ensure that all front line apparatus; 4 engines and 2 ladder trucks have been addressed under a multiyear replacement schedule. Vehicles replaced during phase 1 would not be considered for replacement until 2018 and phase 2 vehicle replacements would not be considered for replacement until 2023.

Further Vehicle Additions

Additional vehicles to be replaced or added under the plan
  1. Rehab Support Vehicle for the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Company - This would replace a 1991 Ford Utility Vehicle.
  2. Fire Police Support Vehicle for the Volunteer Fire Police Unit - This would replace 2 vehicles; a 1975 Dodge Utility Vehicle and a 1992 Dodge Pickup.
  3. 5th Wheel Vehicle - to pull a surplus military trailer which is being donated to the Fire Department - This would support the Hazmat unit in transporting additional equipment to an emergency scene.
  4. **Evacuation Vehicle - This would be a surplus military 6 by 6 vehicle used to evacuate residents in flood prone neighborhoods - This vehicle would be capable of moving multiple residents at 1 time in snow storms or flooded areas.
  5. **Portable trailer generator to power Station 5 during power outages . The generator could also be used to provide power to other facilities as needed.
  6. **Rescue Boat - This would give the Fire Department a 2nd water vessel for rescue and evacuation purposes.
**Winter and summer storms are increasing in velocity and force. Heavy snow, strong thunderstorms, and flooding rains are now more common throughout the Northeast Region than in years past. As your Public Safety Agency, we have always instructed you to prepare yourselves for up to 3 to 5 days with essential supplies. We are no different. In order to help you, we also need to be self-sufficient with the necessary equipment in order to come to your aid before any outside resources can be depended on. Remember, weather will impact the entire region at 1 time.

The primary funding under this multiyear project, which will not affect taxes, will come from fleet reserve funding with the balance through a lease purchase agreement with a financial institution. The lease purchase figure would be phased into the operating budget of the department over the next 5 to 10 years. The cost for the project is not to exceed $2,605,000.