Across the country communities are assessed for their ability to protect property from fire loss by the Insurance Service Office or ISO. Since the 1970’s, the ISO has applied their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) to each community to rate them for their ability to protect insured property loss. The FSRS results in a community are then transferred to a Public Protection Classification (PPC) which is then used by insurers to rate the risk of loss and insurance premiums paid by the property owner. 

The ISO uses recognized standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association such as NFPA 1710, 1901, and 1221, APCO International and the American Water Works Association when conducting their evaluation.

The Public Protection Classification (PPC™) is a 1 to 10 point scale with 1 representing a commendable fire suppression program and a 10 indicating a fire suppression program that does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.  This program recognizes the efforts of communities to provide fire protection services for citizens and property owners. A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. Insurance companies use PPC information to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance — generally offering lower premiums in communities with better protection. By offering economic benefits for communities that invest in their firefighting services, the program provides an additional incentive for improving and maintaining public fire protection.

Since 1999, the Cherry Hill Fire Department has been a PPC Class 2 designation. In February 2016, the Cherry Hill Fire Department underwent a third evaluation by ISO and improved to a PPC Class 1 designation that becomes effective on December 1, 2016.

The following areas of the fire department were evaluated by the ISO:

  • Emergency Communications such as Emergency Reporting, Telecommunications and Dispatching
  • Fire Apparatus – Front Line and Reserve Units
  • Fire Equipment carried on apparatus
  • Deployment and Response to structure fires
  • Number of Firefighters on duty
  • Training: such as Fire Officer Certification, Recruit Training and Building Preplanning
  • Water Supply such as distribution system, fire hydrants, inspection and flow testing
  • Community Risk Reduction such as Fire Code Enforcement, Fire Investigation and Public Education Programs
The Cherry Hill Fire Department is currently 1 of 178 Fire Departments in the United States and three (3) in the State of New Jersey with a Class 1 PPC designation.

Please click on the link Property Owner Letter to down load a letter that you can send to your Insurance Company so they know that the ISO has rated the Cherry Hill Fire Department as an ISO Class 1 Fire Department.